A Love Affair with Jesus

Jesus calls us to come to Him with our weariness and burden, to take His yoke on our shoulders and He will give us rest.

In my book, Treasures of Encouragement, Women Helping Women in the Church, I encourage women to recognize that the ministry of biblical encouragement flows from intimacy with Christ. We cheat ourselves of great blessings and soul rest when we refuse to “walk in the ancient path, the good way” designed to lead us to the place of repose, the resting place.

Each day, take time to sit at the feet of Jesus. Consider carefully your life mission and determine ways that you will intentionally grow in your intimacy with Jesus one day at a time.

Review your prayer lists. Are they all “gimme, gimme” focusing on health issues (important, yes) rather than soul issues (praying for those who don’t know our Savior).

Start spending time praising God for His character, i.e., goodness, holiness, creativity, perfection, love, gentleness, faithfulness.

If you don’t know where to start in scripture reading, commit to reading through the Bible in a year – Comprehensive Bible Reading Plan (365 Days). Each day note in your journal a scripture or personal application from your daily reading.

Each morning tell Jesus that you are available for Him to touch others through your life. Ask, “Speak to me.” Submit your schedule to Him and be ready to respond with gentleness when unexpected circumstances disrupt your plans. Remind yourself that you love Jesus with all your heart and that your life is a channel of His compassion to others. Throughout the day, repeat, “Speak to me.” Just this one practice will open our eyes to His presence and love.

Fall in love with Jesus more and more.

Written By: Sharon Betters