How do I deal with the death of my son?

In this episode Dr. Betters answers the question, "I'm working through Bible Study your wife wrote, Treasures to Encouragement. It is helping me with the lose of our 22 year old son Cameron who was hit head on and killed by a heavily drunk and drugged driver who was 11 months to day older than our Cameron. My husband and I have been married 24 years and have 3 children. Cameron 22 yrs old (lost him Sept 24, 2016), Peyton 20 yrs old, and Dori 12 yrs old. We are all struggling. Cameron was almost done with college to be an Elementary Special Needs teacher. Cameron had so much respect for people, never judged them, always offered a helping hand & loved Jesus. Since this ordeal we have gone to church more & feel we can't get enough of learning about Jesus & God. I believe we took for granted that Cameron would be here longer than my husband & I. Cameron also taught us more than we taught him. I don't think Cameron realized how many lives he touched. We didn't either until approx 500 people showed up to say Good-bye to him. Cameron also participated in FCA (Fellow Christian Athlete) & eventually became a leader at their camps. Any words of wisdom? How do we show appreciation to God for giving us the honor to raise such a great son? The pain of not having Cameron"s presence here is unbearable. It is difficult to function or feel that's ok to ever be happy again. How does our family figure out what to do? We have always been extremely close family. How do we help all the others that are struggling with the lose of Cameron too?"