The Struggle of Sin

In this episode Dr. Betters answers the question, "I'm 44 and a widow of a pastor. He passed when I was only 35...I became a single mom instantly . I spent the 1st 3 years healing. Then, I thought that God would bring me a spouse. I wasted nearly 5 years waiting. I wish I had not waited and hoped for one. When I seen how wayward the men of God had become I no longer wanted one. You would not believe how many " Godly men" did not believe in no sex before marriage. IT’S TERRIBLE. when the only difference between a worldly man and a christian man is one shows up for church!!...that’s when you know it’s all a farse...After much heartbreak and reality I realized not only did I waste my time in waiting and praying but many years of broken dreams. Finally I let it go...and had more then one night crying but I began to heal. Sometimes it’s best to let go, have those feelings of anger, disappointment, honesty with God and begin the healing process and move on."