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My wife keeps leaving me and coming back. Can I divorce her the next time she leaves?

In this episode, Dr. Betters answers the question, "My wife was diagnosed with bipolar and she refuses to admit it, therefore she is not medicated. Over the last 4 years she has left me (and our daughter) several times. Each time she tells me she wants a divorce and I tell her I don’t want a divorce so she leaves. Then, a few months later she apologizes and wants to come back home. Every time I take her back because isn’t that what Christ does for us? My question is, would it ever be okay for me to say, “enough!” Can I ever go through with a divorce?"

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Can I get re-married?

In this episode Dr. Betters answers the question, "I am a single parent of two teenage girls. I divorced my husband 5 years ago after he severely beat me. I have now met a man that loves the Lord and loves his kids and I believe he would make a wonderful father for my girls. His ex-wife was unfaithful to him. Biblically, are we allowed to remarry? Would you recommend it?"

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"My wife of 41 years died...Is it wrong for me to pray to die too?

In this episode Dr. Betters answers the question, "I lost my wife of 41 years this year on February 19th. My life is so empty I love God even though I don't understand why she had to die from stage 4 colon cancer. I was mad at God for taking her I have asked him for forgiveness and thanked him for giving us 41 years of a perfect marriage. My question is: Is it wrong for me to ask him to bring me home now also?"

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