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Friends of Leonard Cohen, were shocked by the many religious references in his new song, “A Broken Hallelujah.” Cohen, not known for his spiritual depth was Jewish and even studied Buddhism for five years. Years later, after millions of people across the world embraced the beauty of this piece, Cohen explained the purpose of his words.

In this series, Sharon Betters not only unpacks Cohen’s comments but explains what it means for the child of God to sing and live a broken hallelujah.  Sharon shares personal contemporary stories as well as the lives of Job, Paul and Silas, and other people from scripture to draw a tangible picture of a life that is a broken hallelujah. She touches on questions such as: What is a life that is a broken hallelujah? How does our worldview affect our response to those broken places in life? Does theology matter? How does our view of God equip us to live a life that is a broken hallelujah? Where is the joy in a broken hallelujah?

This series will encourage you to fall more in love with Jesus and experience His presence in the pathway God has marked out for you.

about the series authors


Sharon W. Betters is author of Treasures of EncouragementTreasures in Darkness and co-author of Treasures of Faith. She is Director of Resource Development and co-founder of MARKINC Ministries, a non profit organization that offers help and hope to hurting people.Sharon  enjoys quality time with her husband, children and fourteen grandchildren and  if you were Sharon's neighbor you would often hear lots of loud story telling and laughter coming from the home where Sharon and Chuck have lived for over 30 years. 

Elizabeth Eno has worked for Wycliffe Bible Translators since 2004. She initially lived in South Asia facilitating Chronological Bible storytelling projects for more than 18 Bibleless people groups.  Today, Elizabeth serves as Wycliffe's Volunteer & Intern Placement Team Leader. Elizabeth currently lives in Florida with her husband, Jason, and their 18 month old daughter, Lily.  In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys being with her family and especially likes watching Lily learn and experience the world for the first time! Elizabeth writes periodically at www.elizabethstories.blogspot.com. Elizabeth's writings about her infertility and miscarriage journey can be found here: www.itisaprocess.wordpress.com


Wendy VanWingerden and her husband Jake live on a farm with their children where they operate a large commercial greenhouse, supplying many local garden centers with annual bedding plants. Though trained as registered nurse, Wendy spends the majority of her days as a wife, mom and caring for her 14 goats, a donkey and too many chickens to count. She enjoys gardening, canning, freezing and baking, especially family favorites.

Wendy says, My husband and I were blessed with 4 beautiful children. 3 girls and one boy. Grace is 10, Emma 13, and Jacob is 17. Ashley, who would be 20 now, is the reason I am writing for you this week. She crowned me with the gift of motherhood, and her absence from this world breaks my heart every day. Ashley was taken into glory on July 24, 2009. Life didn't go as I planned, but I live every day forward trusting that God knows the plans, and he has promised to go before me.

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