The Driving Force Behind Encouragement



Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Proverbs 4:23


Some people seem naturally wired as encouragers. They have a sixth sense about the person who is struggling, the one who needs a special touch, a hug, a genuine, “How are you really doing today?” It’s tempting to conclude that if encouragement doesn’t come naturally to us, we can skip that mandate. Yet, God’s word doesn’t say, “Encourage one another if that’s your gift and you feel comfortable doing it.”  Nope. The encouragement mandate speaks to each person who knows Jesus as Redeemer. But how can we offer life-giving encouragement if we really don’t know what to say or do?

This week we will focus on the grace that compels us to offer to others the transforming love and compassion growing in our hearts because of Jesus. Rather than start with 10 easy steps to becoming a life-giving encourager, let’s start with the driving force behind biblical encouragement. Let’s see how we can be God’s promise keepers by giving to others from the riches of our inheritance.

Treasured by Him,





Read Psalm 119 and note the words the writer uses to describe the results of obedience that flows from his love for God’s Word.

Read Chapter 2 in Treasures of Encouragement


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