What Drives My Actions?

by Sharon Betters




All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV 


What structures are you intentionally building into your daily life that will act as weight bearing walls when life crashes down on your shoulders? Through what grid do you push the circumstances of your daily life and unexpected crises? What informs your worldview?




Sometimes we mindlessly obey rules with little thought as to why they are in place or how they protect us. How many times have we yelled because of too many red lights or slow speed limits, with no thought to how such rules are fences that not only protect us, but also protect others? We forget the blessings of traffic rules!

Similarly, our moaning about how we “should read the Bible more” reveals that we haven’t captured the truth that Scripture is the roadmap for all of life. We see a rule rather than an invitation to experience the great treasure of intimately knowing Jesus through His Word. If we believed a book held the key to purpose and peace in a messy world, wouldn’t we eagerly search its pages in order to unlock those secrets? Actually, millions prove my point. Just check the best selling book list where you will discover numerous books that promise to unlock the secrets of success in this pressure cooker world. We are looking for answers, but perhaps in all the wrong places, unless we consider carefully the invitation of the Psalmist to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Where do we find this banquet table? God’s Word that is profitable for teaching, training and correction in righteousness. What a beautiful enticement to dig deep into the Bible!

Yesterday we read Jesus’ words that in this world we will have trouble, but we do not need to be fearful or discouraged when those troubles come because He has overcome the world. If Jesus’ words are true, where do we find His strength, His peace and His courage when “life happens”?

Take time to soak up the promise of Today’s Treasure, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Are you struggling to walk by faith in the pathway God has marked out for you? God has breathed life into the Scriptures and they become a roadmap that is uniquely designed to guide our steps. In them, we find directions that equip us for every good work assigned by God to us.

Write out each gift God gives us in Today’s Treasure verse and how each one is a gift of love, that helps guide us on our pilgrimage Home:




Training in Righteousness

Now, write out God’s purpose in giving us these gifts in Scripture. Spend time in prayer, asking the Lord to open your heart to the priceless value of pushing all of life through the grid of Scripture.





At some point in our lives, we or someone we know will go through great suffering. I encourage you to go the MARKINC website and listen to the interview "Raising Victoria – A Daughter With Down Syndrome and Life Threatening Cancer" audio resource so that you can store up treasures of encouragement for the next rainy day in your life or someone else's. Here is a summary and teaser of this resource:

In this interview that is part of our Warrior Woman series, you will meet Karen Marsh, mother of Victoria. Within hours after Victoria’s birth, Karen and her husband learned that their third daughter had Down Syndrome. Though initially frightened by this news, Karen and her family’s love for Victoria grew deeper as they recognized the awesome privilege of raising such a precious daughter. This story will encourage parents of children with Down Syndrome to realize the unique joys that can be theirs as they raise their children. But there is more to this story. Victoria was diagnosed with a life threatening cancer that resulted in the amputation of her leg. In this interview, you will hear about the courage and determination of a young teen to take back her life and her family’s determination to continue to fill Victoria’s life with experiences and opportunities to grow and learn, no matter what her physical condition. Listeners will also learn how to come alongside of families like Victoria’s, not just to help, but to soak up some of the joy and love that naturally flows from children with Down Syndrome.

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