Love Surrounds Me

by Sharon Betters



May your unfailing love REST upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in You.

Psalm 33:22

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord's unfailing love SURROUNDS the man who trusts in Him.

Psalm 32:10


God sent me a treasure of encouragement this morning, a gift designed to turn my heart toward Him and I am still stunned by its simplicity and potential for transforming this day from the mundane into the majestic.

The means by which He delivered this treasure reminded me of the priceless gift of covenant community experienced when God's women gather. Last night I enjoyed meeting with our Bible study small group. I soaked up the words and insights of my sisters as our leader guided us deeper into the truths of Psalm 32. We were daughters of the King enjoying a family gathering as we considered this "letter" from our Father. What difference would this study of confession and repentance make in our lives?

This morning I began working through our next assignment, Psalm 33. I picked apart the first few verses: 

Sing joyfully to the Lord, Praise the Lord with the harp; make music to Him, Sing to Him a new song; play SKILLFULLY; SHOUT for joy.

Psalm 33:3

The rest of the passage declared multiple reasons for me to joyfully proclaim with music, my words and my life, the goodness and unfailing love of God. And there it was, that treasure of encouragement that helped turn my heart toward Him in a new way.

May your unfailing love REST upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in You.

Psalm 33:22

 I turned back to Psalm 32 and read, 

Many are the woes of the wicked, 

but the Lord's unfailing love SURROUNDS the man who trusts in him.

Psalm 32:10

Ahh -  God's love RESTS on me; SURROUNDS me.

Have you ever watched the colors of a sunset spread out like multiple cans of spilled paint? In that moment this morning, that's how God's love looked to me. I pictured a bucket of God's deep, pulsating passion for me, His daughter, resting on my head. Then with a smile, in a surprising move, He tipped it over and covered me, surrounded me with love that is unfailing, steadfast.

How do I take this moment into my day, I thought? I pictured the waiting tasks: a doctor's visit, errands, time with some of our grandkids, laundry, cleaning, preparing a meal for a friend. I started imagining how an intentional recognition of God's surrounding love could impact my response to the needs of the day, my interaction with cashiers and the doctor's staff, and our grandchildren or unexpected phone calls or emails. How could this treasure of encouragement from God Himself make me more like Jesus in my response to others?

My day looks different than it did a few hours ago because I'm more aware that God's love rests on me and surrounds me. I plan to look for evidence of that love wherever I go. I have a feeling I may be challenged with difficult circumstances, perhaps an irritating person, disappointing news, a conflict - only God knows (Psalm 33 reminds me of His sovereignty and that He considers everything I do). This treasure of encouragement is equipping, enabling me and exhorting me to look for His love in those challenges, and then to display that love no matter what.


I have a feeling God may be giving this same treasure to someone reading these words. If so, it's exactly what you need to help turn your heart toward Him.  Are you His child? His love rests on you! His love surrounds you! May the adventures of seeing and experiencing that love begin right now!

Originally published in Treasures of Encouragement blog in 2009.

Sharon W. Betters is author of Treasures of Encouragement, Treasures in Darkness and co-author of Treasures of Faith. She is Director of Resource Development and co-founder of MARKINC Ministries, a non profit organization that offers help and hope to hurting people. Sharon enjoys quality time with her husband, children and fourteen grandchildren.

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