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Prayer Power

Recently at a concert with our son, lyrics appeared on a big screen in the front of the auditorium.  The words grabbed my attention: “Somebody went to the throne of Heaven; Somebody lifted my name; Bringing me into His Holy Presence; Saying what needed said”

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The Gift of Age

As you evaluate the values you want your child to have as an adult, is being respectful and showing mercy to those who are elderly on your list?  Do they see you value the skills of older people? Much of life is reactive, but why not be proactive? Be intentional about teaching this character trait.

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Add a Friend

I may never be called to give my life for a friend physically, but I am called to put my friend’s needs before my own needs at times. We can make our family a laboratory for learning and developing lots of things.   A significant character trait is a skill for interpersonal relationships.

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