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Lists, gifts, menus, parties, shopping. How many times have you arrived at Christmas Eve and realized that you missed the real “reason for the season?” We invite you to be intentional about cultivating intimacy with Jesus on our way to Christmas this year. Join us on our Journey to Christmas with the Midwives of the Messiah. Subscribe to Daily Treasure, an online devotional written by Sharon Betters, and you’ll receive a devotional every morning in your email box that will help turn your heart toward our Savior as you prepare for Christmas. Starting November 19, we’re going to pull back the curtains on the lives of five women: a wounded widow, a professional prostitute, an indomitable immigrant, a bathing beauty and a terrified teenager. Each of these women plays a key part in bringing Jesus into the world. They are harlots and heroines, midwives of the Messiah. We’ll get a glimpse into how God gave each of them a priceless gift that could not be broken, each gift is available to us today.

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What gift do you want this Christmas that cannot be broken? Join the midwives of the Messiah as they share the gifts God gave to them on their journey to Christmas.