Loneliness and Depression: Discovering Hope

Depression is a broad life crisis with many unique circumstances. In this interview, Danielle’s story demonstrates that depression in young adults is often rooted in childhood. It’s easy to hide depression and to slowly hide away rather than fight the dark feelings of sadness, loneliness and worthlessness. Danielle offers help and hope as she describes the steps she took to find her way back to a life of purpose.

The Prison of Chronic Dieting: A Conversation with Constance Rhodes

Thin. Fat. Thin again. Dieting. Binging. Starvation diets. Grapefruit Diets. Low Carb. Thin. Fat. Thin Again. Constance Rhodes understands the obsession of young people with body image. In this conversation, she shares her own roller coaster struggle with weight. Young people and adults alike will find a friend in Constance as she transparently tells her story of weight loss, weight gain and the thin cage in which she found herself trapped.

Adoption and Children with Special Needs: A Hard Calling Filled With Joy

In this transparent interview, Jim and Karen share the highs and the lows of their journey, from how they began their adoption adventure, to the realization that life would never go back to the normalcy of raising four daughters, to how the extreme emotional meltdowns created chaos in their home but also taught them about their own hearts. 

Teens & Porn

When encouraged to protect their children from tech invasions, many parents vehemently declare that their child is so innocent and so protected, they are not concerned. Sadly, these parents are often in the dark when it comes to what their young children have already seen and experienced through innocent interaction in video games, research for reports, etc. In this interview, parents learn about additional layers of protection and how to talk to their children about the dangers of porn and how to respond when exposed.

The Thorn of Autism

Nearly aborted, graciously adopted and later abandoned, Lori Sealy has traveled the road of atheism and lived a life of autism. Lori was diagnosed with Autism as an adult and not long after that diagnosis learned her son had autism as well. In this interview, parents of a young man who has autism ask Lori the questions burning in the hearts of other parents with high functioning children that struggle every day with the "thorn of autism."

Raising Sexually Healthy Kids

The world’s culture is continually pushing an anything goes sexuality on our children. What’s a parent to do in order to help their children navigate their sexuality, social media, the ever present temptation of pornography, the continuous bombardment of our sexually explicit  culture. In this Help and Hope resource, Dr. Betters and Sharon interview Dan and Heather Wilson.

Bethany Hamilton: Help and Hope for Teens

Bethany Hamilton, the Soul Surfer, lost her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark when she was 13 years-old, which seemed to end her career as a rising surf start. One month after the attack, Bethany returned to the water and within 2 years had won her first National title. In this interview, Bethany speaks directly to young girls about facing your fears, overcoming challenges and focusing on faith.