Raising Sexually Healthy Kids

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It’s tougher than ever to be both a kid and a parent today. The world’s culture is continually pushing an "anything goes" sexuality on our children. What’s a parent to do in order to help their children navigate their sexuality, social media, the ever present temptation of pornography, and the continuous bombardment of our sexually explicit culture? In this Help and Hope resource, Dr. Betters and Sharon interview Dan and Heather Wilson. Dan and Heather live with the daily challenges of raising their four children, and transparently share how parents can have the “sex talk,” how to help your child when you catch them in sexual sin, and practical ways to shepherd your child’s heart. Dan works at The Student Outreach, which is a branch of Harvest USA, a ministry that a ministry that helps those struggling with sexual sin. If you would like Dan or another member of The Student Outreach staff to come speak at your church, be sure to check out The Student Outreach’s “Seminars & Presentations” page.