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When Food Is The Enemy: Surviving A Life Threatening Eating Disorder

What gets inside the head of a young girl who almost starves herself to death because when she looks into a mirror she sees a fat, ugly, lonely girl? In this special interview, Rose takes us inside the heart of a girl who who has struggled with weight issues her who life. Rose does not sugar coat her battle and admits that even now, she must practice strong disciplines in order to fight old habits.

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The Prison of Chronic Dieting: A Conversation with Constance Rhodes

Thin. Fat. Thin again. Dieting. Binging. Starvation diets. Grapefruit Diets. Low Carb. Thin. Fat. Thin again. Constance Rhodes understands the obsession with body image. In this conversation, she shares her own roller coaster struggle with weight. Young people and adults alike will find a friend in Constance as she transparently tells her story of weight loss, weight gain and the thin cage in which she found herself trapped.

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