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The Thin Blue Line and Marriage

When they leave for work they pray they will return home, safe and sound. Their spouses have to learn how to live with the constant possibility that a gunshot will destroy their family. Police officers are a special breed of men and women who go toward danger in order to protect their community. How do a husband and wife build a marriage when there is a constant tension of uncertainty and low grade fear? Joe and Candice Racite speak frankly about their own struggles as a law enforcement family, acknowledging the work of law enforcement affects almost every area of life, as well as relationships to family and friends.

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Law Enforcement - The Families Behind the Badge

The headlines scream the stunning news far too often: Officer killed in the line of duty. What happens to the families of these brave men and women? Why would God let this happen? What about law enforcement families who lose their loved one in an off-duty death? We are confident this transparent and practical interview will not only encourage law enforcement families but will help those who love them better understand their grief journey.

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