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Same-Sex Attraction: An Interview With An Unlikely Convert Dr Rosaria Butterfield

In this interview with Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, Chuck and Sharon Betters ask these and many more questions about a topic that has numerous families struggling to understand. Dr. Butterfield is uniquely qualified to provide guidance and wisdom to those who are desperate for help and hope as they are challenged by life choices that are foreign and even scary. Listeners will be encouraged and better equipped to walk this pathway as well as come alongside of others who are struggling with same sex attraction.

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Same-Sex Attraction: A Woman’s Perspective

Our western culture encourages us to embrace and encourage same sex attraction as normal, appropriate and just as “right” as any other sexual relationship. But is it? In this transparent interview, Sharon Betters talks with Donna and her counselor, Ellen Dykas about Donna’s struggles with same sex attraction.

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Same-Sex Attraction: A Man's Perspective

In this transparent and sometimes emotional interview, Dr. Chuck F. Betters talks with three men and their counselor about their struggles with same sex attraction. No question was off limits and listeners will hear these men address such issues as how people who loved them treated them even though they disagreed with their life choices; how their churches responded; and ways they were hurt by people who claimed to be Christians.

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