EP 163 The Cause and the Cure for Doubt Part 2 06-23

Dr. Betters assures us that God is not afraid of our questions but the antidote for doubt is in looking back at the facts of our faith, events that cannot be erased from history. We see how focusing on what we do know about our God, that He kept the promise of our Messiah, encourages us to trust Him now, when life throws us a curve. Where do you turn when life throws you a curve, or crashes in a way that seems impossible to process? The Psalmist runs to his God and demonstrates that doubt is not a sign of weak faith, but can often be a place of great growing in intimacy with our God. Join Dr. Betters as he wraps up this two-part message on the Cause and Cure for Doubt. The focus on sound doctrine and its importance in our life journey will equip you to walk by faith when the lights in your own life go out.

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