When Drugs Steal Your Life

Is it possible to break free from drugs after a lifetime of using? Shelley Tribbitt says yes. After using drugs for over thirty years, Shelley broke free from the drugs, but then had to face the collateral damage she had done to her family and friends. In this poignant interview, Shelley describes the devastation drug use brought on her family, including the loss of custody of her children. Her daughter, Bay, joins the conversation and describes how she reconciled with her mother and why she never gave in to the temptation of drug use, even though they were readily available.

Drug use in our culture is an epidemic. It isn’t just teenagers who are falling to this dangerous life choice. Shelley’s story reminds us that drugs know no age limits, We also see that reconciliation with estranged family members is possible, though the pathway to reconciliation will be painful and often long.

Bill HughesComment