EP 179 The Paradox Of Suffering 92 - 36

There are many paradoxes in scripture. For instance, if we want to live, we must die. If we want to receive, we must give. If we want to gain, we must lose. If we want to be exalted, we must humble ourselves. To experience fruit in our Christian life, we have to go through pruning. Life in the spirit is a paradox, exactly the opposite of what we think constitutes successful living. In this message, Dr. Betters examines the paradox of suffering and experiencing joy in the middle of the pain. The Paradox Principle: The power to live by God’s principles and to enjoy power in the spirit comes by way of the fruit that is ripened on the vine. If fruit is harvested too early or too late, it loses its sweetness, abiding in the vine is the key to sweet fruit, yet sweet fruit always requires bitter pruning.

Bill HughesComment