EP 193 Blackened By The Locust 89 - 09

Did Pharaoh think that God couldn’t possibly have any more “tricks up His sleeve?” His hardened heart refused to let God’s people go. God wasn’t finished sending plagues to break the power of the Egyptians belief in their gods. But God also was teaching the Israelites to understand His power as the one true God. He sends swarms of locusts whose abilities to shear, loudly swarm, and annihilate show similarities to the progression and devastation of sin. Locusts start out small and almost invisible but they slowly grow into thousands of swarming insects bent on one thing, to devour and destroy everything living thing in their path. The lessons of the plague of the locusts pull us up short as we consider the “little sins” we allow to take up residence in our own hearts.

Bill HughesComment