EP 186 El Shaddai 88 - 79

Exodus 5 ends on a note of discouragement, fear and doubt. God reassures Moses that no matter how loud Pharaoh roared, God would have the last word and His plans would succeed. IN this message we, too, are reassured by the promises of God and the meaning of His name, El Shaddai, our sustainer and provider. The Israelites are about to learn that God knows them in a personal and intimate way. Through the Exodus they were about to witness His power, might and personal grace. All of this is a picture of the promises of the Covenant. If we know Jesus, these promises are ours as well. The breaking of the shackles of slavery demonstrates the way God breaks the shackles of sin and guilt when we recognize our need for Jesus and surrender to His redemption and love.

Bill HughesComment