EP 116 The Power of Weakness - From Fear to Faith Part 1

In this four-part mini-series, we meet Gideon, an unlikely man that could not hide from God. Minding his own business, surrendering to the culture of fear, Gideon receives a private call from God that would convert his fear into faith. In this series of messages we learn that living in the conscious presence of God means you will have some indelible scorch marks where God invades your life. These scorch marks serve as memorials to His faithfulness.
Throughout Gideon’s story we see a man terrified of the opinion of others forced to take risks, to willingly strip down his already small army to a company of warriors that could never win any battle unless God intervened. We watch as God provides miracle after miracle and we are challenged to look inward and recognize that our own weakness can be transformed into strength when we surrender to God’s purposes and call on our lives.

Bill HughesComment