EP 109 Ticking Off God Part 2

In this message Dr. Betters describes a person of courage and outlines a vision for the next generation. People of courage sharpen others to become people of courage. Their vision is contagious and they are not victimized by despair and defeatism.

People of courage view divine invasions as scorch marks designed to prepare them for tests and undertakings. In this message you will hear a vision for passing on a legacy of faith to the next generation so that they will:

1)  Love and Fear God through Christ

2)  Know the Bible – Committed to it

3)  Rediscover prayer power

4)  Embrace all defined biblical sex roles of man/woman

5)  Have a heart for the lost

6)  See life through a Christian worldview – how to integrate faith

7) Know how to stand alone when all others bow

8)  Know how to creatively use gifts God has given them

9)  Have a biblical view on marriage – fidelity

10) Serve the next generation

Bill HughesComment