EP 123 Satan's Counterattack The Attack of the Naysayers Pt 2 11-75

Do you struggle with discouragement? Are you discouraged right now? If so, this message is for you. The battle was not yet over, Gideon and his men were exhausted in the pursuit of the Midianites and rightfully expected help from other Israelites. Instead, they met with discouragement and contempt because they had not yet finished the “job.”

This passage is a study in discouragement and its antidote. Discouragement often comes when Satan reminds us of our failures to complete the work we have been called to do, how the war is not over and how the victory we say we have has not yet come. This is a most effective evil strategy when we are running a spiritual marathon.

o   Raising kids is a marathon.

o   Building a strong marriage is a marathon.

o   Earning the right to be heard is a marathon.

o   Building trust is a marathon.

o   Sanctification is a marathon

Discouragement occurs when the size of the task seems overwhelming and we lose vision for the goal. In this message, Dr. Betters uncovers the causes of discouragement as well as how to fight discouragement.

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