EP 127 The Christian's Civil War Part 3 11-83

What is genuine repentance? Is it simply saying, “I’m sorry” or is there more? Repentance means that we not only are sorry or penitent for what we’ve done, but that we reject our behavior as wrong and we turn toward doing what is right. A liar is still a liar until he acknowledges that lying is wrong and he starts telling the truth. A thief is still a thief until he rejects stealing and starts giving back. If I don’t embrace the opposite characteristic of the sin that I’m putting off then my “repentance” is merely half way. We love our emotions, don’t we? We love to be angry. We love to laugh. We love emotion. We are an emotional people. Emotions are good, except when they are bad. Emotions often make it easier to cross over to the “dark side.” Join Dr. Chuck Betters as he continues his series Souls of Steel, Feet of Clay, with today’s message entitled The Christian’s Civil War Part 3.

Bill HughesComment