EP 138 A Man with the Flu 12-49

In this sad chapter of Samson’s life, we watch as “spiritual influenza” creeps into this man God appointed as a judge for Israel. Samson has already violated one-third of the Nazaritic vow that he would not drink alcohol or have contact with dead bodies. For nearly twenty years he has floated around living on the perimeter of his spiritual calling rather than on the cutting edge of spiritual discipline. He is complacent and careless. He rests on his laurels. He fails to keep up to date with the tactics of Israel’s enemies. In spite of his complacency and carelessness, God continues to give him victories over the Philistines. But by the time he meets up with Delilah, his integrity and moral strength are infected by spiritual corruption and in her hands he is like a frog in a kettle.

Bill HughesComment