EP 147 Weeping Warriors 12-69

Sadly, many believe that Scripture has nothing to do with today’s culture. Yet, in this series on Judges, Dr. Betters continues to draw parallels between the culture of the Israelites and ours. There were three major sins that the Israelites committed and those core sins filtered into every area of their lives: Sexual Immorality, A Disregard for Authority and a Disdain for Human Life and Rights. Does any of this sound familiar? The book of Judges ends with a terrible statement about the Israelites, “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” Again, does this sound familiar? What shapes your decisions, what is the grid through which you view all of life? What is your worldview? Allow God’s Word to shape your own worldview and open your heart to deeply rooted sin that only God’s redeeming love can forgive.

Bill HughesComment