EP 148 Playing Chess with the Devil Part 1 05-73

There is no book like the Psalms to meet the need of the heart when it is discouraged and defeated, or when it is elated and encouraged. Charles Spurgeon called the Psalms the Treasury of David, and a treasury is a place where riches are kept. The Psalms are the cries of the soul, a place we often turn when we do not know where else to turn. Dr. Betters also believes the Psalms focus on legacy building. In this series, Dr. Betters begins this series by asking the question, “What do I hope and pray my grandchildren will embrace as their spiritual legacy, handed down from their grandparents through their parents? In this first message on Psalm 1, he declares, “I want them to learn that they cannot play chess with the devil.” Any type of long lasting building requires a strong foundation. God commands that we pass on to the next generation a legacy of faith. In this series, Dr. Betters describes how embracing Jesus as Savior and meditating on God’s Word is the cornerstone of building a legacy of faith that will better equip our children and grandchildren to pass on their own legacy of faith. Meditation on God’s Word and application of those truths shapes our thoughts that become our actions. As a man thinks in his heart so he is. Join Dr. Betters as he unpacks the practical application of the Psalms in the context of building a legacy of faith

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