EP 150 Am I Losing My Mind? Part 1 05-79

Psalm 34 is a story of loss and gain, of fear and peace, of despair and hope. It is a Thanksgiving Psalm, penned by David in the context of pretending insanity in order to save his life. In this Psalm David tells the story of the crisis so that others (including us) can see the way God can be trusted for deliverance when all else seems hopeless. On the heels of his great victory against Goliath, David seems to forget God’s faithfulness. He pretends insanity in order to save his life. In this message Dr. Betters also takes us to 1 Samuel 22 and shows us the context of the message of Psalm 34. David developed a sinful spiritual amnesia, forgetting God’s faithful protection in the miracle of his battle against Goliath. Somehow, he could not transfer God’s power from that moment to his need in this moment of terror. Have you struggled to trust God in a season of despair, even though God has proven Himself faithful again and again? You’re not alone in that struggle! Listen as we learn from David’s own lips how to choose trust over fear

Bill HughesComment