EP 155 Rest from Death's Door Part 1 05-93

In this series from the Psalms, Building a Spiritual Legacy, Dr. Betters asks the question, What kind of legacy do I want to leave my children and grandchildren? In this message, he says, “I want my grandchildren to learn to be content and to have grateful spirits rooted in their salvation, a salvation that never presumes upon the grace of God. In this message we learn that a thankful heart hinders a presumptuous spirit. Dr. Betters focuses our attention on Psalm 116:7a - Be at rest once more, O my soul in this continuing series from the Psalms, Building a Spiritual Legacy. The word “rest” is in the plural and speaks of the many kinds of rests we receive from a lifetime of trials when we face death’s door. Think of it, we need rest from terrors of the heart, from pangs of conscience, self-doubt, broken trusts, bodily pain and uncertainty. The list goes on and on. And yet, the Psalmist writes that it is time to be at rest. Why? Because the Lord has been good to him. This Psalm is a source of deep comfort as we consider the frailties of life and how to find “rest for our souls” in the middle of chaos and troubled days.

Bill HughesComment