EP 156 Rest from Death's Door Part 2 05-95

Dr. Betters continues this look at Psalm 116 by unpacking what it means to rest in the confidence of God’s love and grace. We all struggle with self-doubts, with grief over mistakes and bad choices. How do we find rest for our souls? Listen as the words of the Psalms reveal a transparent lament for God’s grace and mercy to cover him with the rest that only comes from knowing Jesus. Psalm 116 is packed with the transparent story of one man’s struggle to face death with peace and confidence in the grace of God. His lament is book ended by a declaration of God’s ability to give him deep rest in the middle of broken places. Take comfort from this strong exhortation to rest in God as you struggle in your own pathway. The writer of Psalm 116 is transparent about his own struggle to trust God when it seemed that all men were liars and sin reigned supreme. But he also seems to be saying, that in spite of what it looks like, I choose to believe and trust God in this dark world. The challenge is for us to do the same. Psalm 116 is a place of strong exhortation and comfort for those who long to walk by faith when all around seems to be falling apart.

Bill HughesComment