EP 158 Purity...Is It Even Possible? Part 2 06-05

In Part 2 of Purity, Is It Even Possible? Dr. Betters unpacks Psalm 119:9-16, one of the most beautiful scriptures that invite us to experience true wisdom through soaking in God’s Word. We learn that this is where wisdom begins. For our children and ourselves to maintain moral purity, the most critical issue is the fact that there is nothing that can satisfy the inner longing of our souls short of that for which our souls were created … created in the image and likeness of God. In this message, we learn that Satan’s MO involves creating and then infecting a weak spot. This message focuses not only on the scriptural principle, but outlines practical examples of how the enemy tempts us to meet real needs with counterfeit means. Loneliness, the need for genuine intimacy, relationships, community - our culture has created a false means for filling these needs that soon lead to the opposite of what we were seeking

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