EP 162 The Cause and the Cure for Doubt Part 1 06-21

Is doubt a sin? Does God frown on us when we question His goodness or purposes? Dr. Betters says that he wants his children and grandchildren to learn that doubt is an integral part of faith building and that they must honestly and openly confront such doubts, but only in a Biblical way. In this message, the listener will see that God is not afraid of our questions and that the Psalms, especially Psalm 77, offer exquisite comfort to those of us who are shocked and hurt when disappointments enter our lives.In the 77th Psalm we have a report of a man who almost lost his faith, but who found his way back eventually to greater faith and trust in God than ever before. He tells us just how he did it. This message will not only comfort the doubter, but equip the believer for those times when the lights in our lives go out. The opening verses of this 77th Psalm record for us the emotional distress the psalmist experienced when he faced a very troublesome problem in his life. He was heading toward a total loss of faith but he cries out to God, pouring out his heartache and anguish. How does he get to a point of resting and trusting God once more? How do we? In today’s message, Dr. Betters assures the believer that God is not afraid of our doubts and in fact, such doubts can lead us into deeper intimacy with our God.

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