EP 154 In His Presence - That's Where I Belong Part 3 05-91

Have you ever been able to take the next step in your own life journey because of the way another person responded to similar circumstances? Have you gained hope by watching someone ahead of you in the same pathway? Psalm 84 describes how those who “have set their hearts on pilgrimage” leave springs of refreshing water for those who come behind them. We can go “from strength to strength” as we drink from those springs of someone else’s faith journey. Dr. Betters opens up the priceless truths of Psalm 84 as he describes journeying through the Valley of Baca (Misery) in a way that offers help and hope to others. The beautiful Psalm is a place of comfort and encouragement for anyone who longs to experience intimacy with Christ. In this powerful miniseries in the Building A Spiritual Legacy series on the Psalms, Dr. Betters leads us into the sanctuary of dwelling with our Lord. This message invites us to experience the power and peace of passing through the Valley of Baca or misery in a way that leaves hope and help for those who come behind us. This message encourages listeners to recognize that no matter how difficult the journey, we can help others by the way we respond to the circumstances. Our trust will leave springs of hope for those who come behind us.

Bill HughesComment