EP 199 Preparing For A Miracle Part 1 89 - 28

The Israelites had clung to the promise of God’s deliverance and now the moment has come. What was that joy like as they prepared to leave? The Promised Land was in their grasp. How many listeners like the Israelites are claiming the same promise that sorrow endures for a night and joy comes in the morning? And yet, the Israelites experienced great sorrow before the promised deliverer arrives. Are you tired of waiting? Take hope from the journey of the Israelites. In this mini series on Exodus 13 we learn three principles that lay the foundation for God to work miracles, to start a revival, whether in a local church or in an individual’s heart. The first one is that God always distinguishes His people by setting them apart as belonging to Him and then puts His reputation on the line in their lives. In this message we see how God commanded that the Israelites set apart every first born. He calls on us as individuals and local churches today to identify as His children and secondly to live a life of holiness.

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