EP 202 Camping By The Sea 89 - 31

This is one of the most amazing miracles of the Old Testament. In this chapter we watch this pivotal miracle that made a way in the desert, the parting of the Red Sea. This miracle is disputed by theologians and hotly debated. Israel is primed for Revival, boldly and joyously moving away from Pharaoh. Suddenly, as they are obeying the Lord in their journey, God commands them to turn back, to camp between a mountain and a sea. God is using them to bait Pharaoh, promising that God Himself will protect them. What is God doing? They are on their way and God tells them to circle back toward Egypt. By obeying God the Israelites have no way out unless God miraculously intervenes. There is a bigger picture that the Israelites cannot see, similar to the challenging journeys of many of us. Yet, God was at work behind the scenes. Take hope, struggling, fellow strugglers. God is always working out something miraculous behind the scenes of our lives. Just like the Israelites, God is leading you to a place of victory.

Bill HughesComment