EP 204 I Will Sing Unto The Lord 89 - 33

The Israelites have just experienced an incredible victory over the Egyptians. Their response is to fear the Lord and to submit to the leadership of Moses. It’s appropriate that Exodus 15 starts with the word “Then.”  In response to the remarkable miracle of redemption and salvation from the Egyptians, their fear of the Lord leads them immediately to worship. Exodus 15:1-5 is the three-stanza hymn of a redeemed people. In Revelation we are told that when we are in heaven, we will sing this very song of Moses that deals with many of the great doctrines of the faith.  Dr. Betters paints a picture of the beautiful way we can respond in the same way to the miracle of salvation, not only here in daily life, but in eternity. We learn that as we worship, the strength of the Lord fills us.

Bill HughesComment