EP 205 Back To The Grind On Monday 89 - 34

The Israelites respond to God’s delivery from Pharaoh’s army with a glorious song of praise. In their words we get a glimpse of the way our own bodies will become temples for the dwelling place of the Lord. If the Holy Spirit dwells in my body because Jesus has redeemed me by His blood and resurrection, then when I leave the physical building in which I experience corporate worship, I am still “at church.” If I am truly a Christian then I am taking the temple of God with me. Like the Israelites, we can respond to this great miracle with the same words, “He is my God and I will praise Him, my father’s God and I [will prepare for Him a dwelling place].

You might be going back to the grind of Monday but that same Holy Spirit that hovered over the Israelites lives in you with all of His power. The same power that split the Red Sea lives inside of you!


Bill HughesComment