Abandoned but Not Forgotten, A Conversation With Dr Bob Petterson

A little boy, abandoned by his mother, shifted from one abuse-filled foster home to another, bullied not only by kids but by some of his foster parents, beaten and sexually assaulted by numerous people tasked with being his protectors. How does this little boy find a way to grow into a man who trusts God and offers help and hope to others through his story?

Bob Petterson opens up about the terrifying loneliness of abandonment, the pain of abuse and the memories of hateful abuse at the hands of foster parents. Is there any hope for such a child? Bob says there is and lives out that hope every day.

This story is for anyone who has experienced childhood abandonment, abuse, hatred, and separation from siblings. Yet it is for anyone who longs to know that in this messy, broken world, there really is hope of redemption and purpose for those shattered by the abuse of others.

Bill HughesComment