EP 206 Bread And Birds 89 - 38

The Israelites were angry with God. The drama of their delivery is behind the Israelites and now they are headed to the Land of Canaan. There is no turning back. . They travel into the Desert of Sin, an appropriate place for exposing their root problem. The whole community starts grumbling against Moses and Aaron because they want more water and food. Imagine, the WHOLE community grumbled. Counting the women and children, that was over 1,000,000 complainers. The undercurrent of grumbling was contagious. Grumbling led to exaggeration and wish they were still in Egypt where they “sat around the fires and ate anything they wanted.” They fantasized about their Egyptian life. These were slaves, no better than the animals. God miraculously meets their need for food by sending manna. We, like the Israelites are traveling through a desert, on our way to Canaan. Like the Israelites, we have to pass through the desert of Sin. The journey of the Israelites is not much different from our own. Is it wrong to be angry at God when the journey doesn’t go the way we hoped? What’s the difference between being angry with God and grumbling against God?

Bill HughesComment