EP 207 Whatever Happened To Esau Pt. 1 89 - 39

Exodus shows us how God operates and cares for His people. Throughout the story are types: Pharaoh a type of Satan; Egypt, a type the world in which the believer, must live; and the desert represents our struggles of faith as we walk through this life and live our lives. Even though God had provided manna when they were hungry, they now attack Moses because they are thirsty. They are so angry Moses thinks they are ready to stone him. Eventually the Israelites spoke against God, asking, “Can God set a table in the desert?” They were angry with God and did not trust Him which led to their murmuring and complaining. When they complained about food, God gave them manna, a means of pointing to Christ who would come as the Bread of Life.  Instead of trusting Him to give them enough water, they complain again. In response to their grumbling God leads them to a place where there is no water. In this story we are reminded that nothing that happens to me is by fate, chance or mistake. Why can’t we see that those times of testing are God’s way of drawing us closer to Himself?

Bill HughesComment