EP 212 Thunder, Clouds and Smoke Part 2 89 - 44

In this message Dr. Betters continues a study of the incredible and awesome history of the Covenants. All of the history of the Israelites has reached a great climax. They have traveled three months since their exodus from Egypt. They stand in front of Mt. Sinai, a part of Mt. Horeb. Moses goes up the mountain to meet with God. God reminds Moses that He has stood underneath the Israelites, ready to catch them if they fall. In this sacred moment, God unwraps the promises of the Covenant and paints a picture of the identify of the children of Israel as His precious nation. Dr. Betters shows how this passage is a picture of the freedom we have today in keeping with the promises God made to Moses in this moment. In this message we see the awesome beauty of the history of the Covenant promises of God and that we are the fulfillment and recipients of that Covenant of Redemption.

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