EP 213 Laying Down The Law 89 - 45

Why did God bring Israel to Mt. Sinai and announce that He was about to give them the Law? Why does the Law exist? Exodus 20 is a recitation of the Law and the Book of Deuteronomy explains the Law. Dr. Betters teaches that there are at least four reasons for the Law, starting with the desire of God’s heart that we learn the fear of God and as we do, we will be prompted to obedience and that obedience to God will open up the way of experiencing God’s best. The Law is designed to channel God’s best into our hearts. Second, God gives us the Law to produce a godly “seed.” According to Romans the Law is given to show us that we are a lost people, to stir within us that we cannot keep the Law, that God is a Holy God and that we need Jesus. Rather than hopelessness, the Law is a precious gift. The Law was put into place to lead us to Jesus and experience God’s grace. The Law is grace. In this message, Dr. Betters unpacks the meaning of the first commandment: You shall have no other gods before me.

Bill HughesComment