EP 215 Strange Gods 89 - 47

God prohibits idol worship. God declares that the people of Israel must not imitate the behavior or lifestyle of the people who worship Molech and other idols. At first reading, we might think none of the specific warnings apply to us today. Yet, the parallels are clear. Molech worship tried to control the future by controlling the present through politics. Men sacrificed their own manhood, sacrificed their children in “the fire” and government controlled the people. In this message, Dr. Betters unpacks the similarities between this period in the history of Israel and the culture of today. God warned the Israelites to wipe out any false prophets. The false prophets He describes sound like the false prophets of today who encourage us to look inside of our own hearts for a spark of good and to embrace religion on man’s turns. These religions reduce God to man’s level. Such events are signposts of the Second Coming of Jesus.

Bill HughesComment