EP 220 Have We No Rights Part 2 90 - 46

Exodus 21-23 are designed to show the Israelites how to live out the Ten Commandments. Each of these examples are likely real life cases of problems where people needed help in knowing how to apply the law to their everyday lives. Moses was teaching the people how to apply the Moral Law (Ten Commandments) to Civil Law.. He describes the different punishment for murder, kidnapping, divorce, adultery, cursing parents, etc. Each one reflects application of specific commandments. over the years the Israelites interpreted these instructions through the grid of revenge rather than grid of grace. Dr. Betters compares the words of Moses compared to the instructions of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount to respond quite differently to personal offenses. We see in this message that the message of Jesus does not counter Jesus declarations. Jesus’ instructions lead us to ask, “Have we no rights when we are abused or hurt or offended?”

Bill HughesComment