EP 254 The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb 91 - 40

Do you remember before you were married how you longed for the day of your wedding?  Perhaps you are single and looking forward to that day now. Oh how wonderful the feeling!  In Revelation chapter 19, we come to what many believe is the majestic climax of the book. This chapter speaks of the marriage supper of The Lamb.  This is the day that all Christians should look forward to experiencing. This is the day of hope and the day of glory. We find language, symbolism, and rich metaphors related to marriage woven throughout scripture.  In the Bible, Christ is the groom and His church is the bride. However, weddings during biblical times were much different than the weddings of today. We often miss the significance of wedding customs during biblical times and the parallels to what God has done for us in preparation of the Great Wedding to come.  Listen in as Dr. Betters describes the glorious scene in heaven of that day and unpacks the details and significance of the marriage supper of the Lamb.

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