EP 252 Armageddon, So What 91 - 36

The events of Revelation chapters 15 and 16 comprise the fifth of seven parallel sections.  Again, the events that transpire between the ascension of Christ and His second coming are described with different details and with greater intensity in each successive parallel section. In this message, Dr. Betters shows how the seven bowls of wrath and their judgements pronounced here parallel the seven trumpets in Revelation chapters 4 through 7.  But as the last bowl is poured out in the climactic battle of Armageddon, Dr. Betters raises a very important question. Armageddon – so what? How should we, as Christians, live in light of the knowledge of the end times and Christ’s second coming? Listen in and be challenged in how we should live our lives leading up to the second coming.

Bill HughesComment