Hope for the Service Marriage

Corie Weathers, author of Sacred Spaces, My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage, transparently shares some of her own marriage struggles as a the wife of a military chaplain in this far reaching conversation. Corie was the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year. One of her responsibilities was to travel on a one-week overseas holiday trip with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Corie’s personal goal for this trip was twofold: to better understand her husband’s deployment experiences and to bring other military spouses along through her daily video podcast and eventually her book. Sacred Spaces. Every military spouse will better understand their own challenges and struggles as Corie doesn’t hold back in taking listeners into the heart of her own marriage. She poignantly describes intimate, sacred moments where her understanding of how she realized that when she said goodbye to her husband when he was deployed to Afghanistan, she was actually saying goodbye to life as she knew it. Her husband would leave part of his heart in Afghanistan. Corie doesn’t leave listeners without hope or a path forward. This conversation is not just for military families. Every married couple will benefit from this strong message of help and hope.


Corie Weathers, author of Sacred Spaces, My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage is also a licensed professional counselor and hosts the Lifegiver Military

Spouse Podcast. Corie and her husband, Matt, co host marriage retreats.

For more about Corie, visit corieweathers.com and https://www.youtube.com/user/corieweathers


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