Teaching Them Young

The book Teaching Them Young: The Hidden Treasures Of The Proverbs was inspired by Dr. Betters popular preaching series "Teaching Them Young." These invaluable resources were captured on audio and video, which we share with you below.

A Note From Dr. Betters

I love being a dad and a grand dad.  It hasn’t been an easy journey to raise children who love and serve Jesus and are now teaching their children how to love Him as well.  There were many times we had to make hard decisions in order to protect our children from destructive influences.  More importantly, we had to give up some of our own desires in order to reflect Christ to our “weaker brothers,” our children. Our world-view demands that our daily behavior would impact the faith of our children.  Parenting is the most important job you have that requires on the field training for which few are prepared.

I remember it well. Within a few hours, as our first child was born, our lives of independence came to an abrupt end. God had entrusted us with the awesome responsibility of caring for another human being. This book is designed to unravel some of the mysteries of parenting by placing in your hands practical tools that emerge like precious treasures out of the first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs.  Less than two generations ago, parents depended on the wisdom of Proverbs to raise their children. We have lost that. It’s critical to unearth these treasures once again since the cultural war being waged against our homes is one we are rapidly losing.

This is not a “ten easy steps to successful parenting” how to book. Our parenting skills are shaped by our worldview and how well or poorly we actually live out what we expect in our children. Each chapter begins with a section called “Teach Your Child This Story.”  Taken from real life or scriptural examples, these stories serve as practical tools to help you teach your children the Parenting Principle found in each chapter. These parenting principles are the hidden treasures of Proverbs 1 – 9. At the end of each chapter I have included some suggested “Teaching Moments,” practical ideas to drive home the parenting principle found therein.

We do not become successful parents in 10 easy steps, nor is it achieved overnight. Parenting is hard work and is a marathon, not a sprint. Our children are sure to fail or disappoint many times while running this marathon. But the goal of Teaching Them Young – Hidden Treasures of the Proverbs is to identify the fundamental truths our children need to learn ideally before they reach the age of 13. Along the way they will surely at times fail. But we truly want them to fail forward, that is, in front of us so that we may reinstruct them until the truths of Proverbs 1-9 become second nature for them.

In this exciting book, I ask readers to consider if their children are, like Darth Vader of Star Wars fame, still on the dark side. This book is replete with examples of how you can bring them over to the side of Christ. For example, I give practical steps for teaching your child how to avoid the slippery slope into immorality.  And one of my most popular topics is The Second Most Important Decision Your Child Will Ever Make.

Help me get this important message out to as many people as possible.

As the Lord provides sales from this book, a percentage will go to support two ministries that are close to our hearts:  MARKINC Ministries, a multi-media outreach designed to offer help and hope to hurting people and Refuge, a ministry designed to offer help and hope to children at risk.

In His Grip,

Dr. Chuck Betters

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