Man Up

While this is a series for and about men, all will benefit. In this message Dr. Betters lays a foundation for unpacking a bold, clear call to Timothy to persevere in  the gospel in spite of suffering.  Paul is in prison, awaiting death, yet he calls on young Timothy to continue the fight of faith.  He asks Timothy to make one final visit before Paul is executed and though death is imminent, he asks Timothy to bring his books and parchments – we can assume that Paul intends to keep studying and writing until the end. 2 Timothy is very personal, a final letter to a close friend and co-worker.   What he calls on Timothy to do, he himself has done already.

Men, this series is for you.  The Apostle Paul viewed Timothy as a son and we have an intimate glimpse into their relationship through a study of 2 Timothy.  Paul calls on Timothy to “man up!” Timothy’s calling as a man and as a pastor was difficult and Paul gives him sound, practical advice but even more, Paul gives him the example of his own life. Could we, as men, point to our lives and say “This is your example…this is a man that knows how to man-up”? Would those who are frightened, those who are having difficulty understanding true manhood…would they have peace looking at you and saying of you “That’s my model”  

Join Dr. Chuck Betters as he starts his sermon series Man-Up  – a description of how to be a spiritual leader, leadership driven by a personal relationship to Jesus.