The Myth of the Greener Grass

Have you ever seen a cow in a huge green field munching on grass – but rather than chewing the grass in the field, he pushes his head under a fence to get the grass on the other side?  Did you wonder if the grass on the other side of the fence was really sweeter, really worth risking his neck to obtain?  Perhaps you, like that cow, are considering the grass on the other side of the fence in your own life.  You are tempted to betray your wife or husband, to taste the fruit of a relationship that God says will create havoc and destruction. How does such betrayal reflect the betrayal of God’s love?  In this three-part sermon series, Dr. Betters shines a spotlight on the illusion of the greener grass of adultery.  Throughout the series we not only see how adultery doesn’t start in a bed but rather in a conversation.  We feel the deep anguish of a broken trust and realize it is a picture of how we break God’s trust when we betray His love with our own disobedience.